Frequently Asked Questions

What is the stoney babe box?

The Stoney Babe box are boxes full of stoner girl essentials! Not only does it come with 5-12 Smoker girl goodies it also comes with other products like jewelry , makeup and relaxing cbd products. Each box comes with artisian hand crafted goods, making these boxes high quality, sustainable, unique and oh so pefect for you stoney babes!

How does it work?

You can subscribe for amazing boxes every single month!These boxes will be delivered to you. all you have to do it wait to recieve your box!

How are the boxes priced?

Our boxes are $35 a box for a month to month subscription or you can save money by subscribing for more than one month at a time! You get much more than your moneys worth in every single box!

Are you ready to subscribe to the stoney babe box?

Let's get started so you can recieve your stoney babe box asap!